Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Ramones - 1995 - Steel Reserve Jingles

Three quick commercial jingles for Steel Reserve malt liquor. These all follow the typical Ramones formula, and everyone knows who they are, so there's really no need for a description. Included in the .zip of this release are the rules for a drinking challenge I came up with that's become a nationwide tradition in punk and traveler circles, resulting in countless 211 tattoos. Think you can handle it?

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Mystikal - Smoke Songs: The Quintilogy

This is an EP I put together of the smoke songs from each of Mystikal's albums, in chronological order. "Smoke Something" has him telling you to shut up and smoke. It's a complete dismissal of any fuss regarding rolling techniques or smoker's etiquette. In "Still Smokin'" he warns about people using you for your weed and tells about the time he was arrested for ridin' dirty ("Shit, I took that as a minor setback"). "I Smell Smoke" is about getting high in a motel room. Of course it can't be that simple! Someone notices the aroma and wanders over trying to make a purchase. As a result, Mystikal flushes his stash! Talk about paranoid! He's over it by the time "Smoked Out" drops. In this track, he's making it known he's the guy to talk to if you're looking to pick up some weight. He also makes sure you know it's his fourth smoke song. On "Smoke One", he's back to telling you how to smoke your weed and describing how high he is. Shouting, of course! A familiar melody carries through most of this EP, providing a really epic feel. It's become a longstanding tradition to smoke to this, and the playlist is tried and true to last as long as it takes to smoke the average blunt. As a bonus, I've provided front and back covers, which are included in the .zip. What are you waiting for? Try it out!

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yoshimi & Yuka - 2003 - Flower With No Color

This is a collaboration between Yoshimi (Boredoms) and Yuka Honda (Cibo Matto). The results are pretty exotic and dreamy. I'll spare the hubbub and give you a chance to check it out yourself.

Nab it.